Let's give this another go.

It's been over a year since I've been active on the blog.  I have to admit that I've caught the Instagram bug and it just took over.  I've noticed a lot of other bloggers that I follow have been neglecting their pages as well and I'm not surprised.  It's just so much easier snapping a quick photo and choosing a favorite filter than finding time to sit down to type a few paragraphs.  Besides, we could be knitting in that time instead!  But maybe we need to slow down and take the time to get our thoughts written down on "paper."  Despite being over the half way point of 2017, I want this year to be about completing my crafty goals.  When I share what I'm working on, or things that I'm planning on doing, I feel pressure.  Sometimes pressure can be productive: the fuel to keep you going.  So let's put the "pen to the paper" and write down some crafty goals for the rest of 2017.

This year will be all about Stash Diving.  Currently I have about 360 balls of yarn in my stash.  I know this because I'm a nut and I made a spreadsheet breaking down the brand, weight, and colorway of everything that I own.  The yarn is overflowing.  The pattern books and magazines are aplenty.  I have no need to purchase anymore yarn for the next 3 years.  (Like I'm never going to make another purchase!  Laughable!!)  My goal is not to use it all, but to at least minimize the overflow.  Another goal for this year is to try new things!  I have been drooling over the brioche all over Instagram for too long.  I have two amazing books on brioche, tons of yarn, and no excuses.  This needs to happen.

And can we take a minute here to talk about all the sewing?  I am so jealous of everyone jumping on the handmade wardrobe trend.  I'm going to try to be realistic here: I am a total novice at sewing.  I have made numerous Halloween costumes and last Christmas I challenged myself to sewing bags for gifts, but I've never been brave enough to make an article of clothing that would be considered a wardrobe staple.  Now, I am most likely not going to be sewing anything from scratch this year; I really don't have the time to dive that deep.  But I would love to get through my basket of clothes that need alterations!  Honestly, most of it comes down to just hemming pieces but, for something as simple as that, it is a challenge for me and a great way for me to get more comfortable behind my sewing machine.

These are all soft goals so I feel like it's more attainable than really laying down hard challenges, but by documenting my year I am holding myself accountable.  So let's see where this year leads.....


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