My name is Paula and I am a sock addict.

Its true.  I think I caught the sock bug and there's no sign of a cure.  I've started my fourth pair, but my second for this year.  A long while ago I bought quite a bit of sock yarn from AC Moore and it's been haunting me ever since.  Recently I dug it all out of the yarn stash and plopped it in a bowl on my cabinet so I would have no choice but to confront my demons.  Now it's all I want to do! 

I prefer toe-up socks and I love using the book Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson as a reference.  The great thing about starting at the toe is you can decide how long you want your socks as you knit.  It eliminates the fear of running out of yarn mid sock.  This book does a great job of showing off different toe cast ons and heels so you can find the ones you like best.  I prefer the figure eight toe and a short row heel, but honestly I haven't tried all the techniques.  Maybe on my next pair I'll feel more adventurous.  

So this pair is knit using Patons Kroy Socks yarn in Coal and Gentry Grey.  Coal is your basic black and it will be used only for the toe, heel, and ribbing.  The body of the sock is Gentry Grey which is like a dark heather gray.  I would love to try out different brands of sock yarn but I'm not allowing myself any more yarn buying until I get through my current stash.  

The needles are US 0 double pointed.  I know so many people prefer the magic loop method for socks but I like using all those sharp little sticks!  Maybe one day I'll revisit magic loop and give it another chance but not on this pair.  

I chose to do a very simple classic sock with no frills, cables, or lace.  I saw a few other plain socks on some blogs and Instagram having a contrasting toe, heel and rib and I fell in love.  If I saw them in a store I would definitely consider buying them but lucky for me I'll just make them instead.  And I can never have enough gray or black socks!

Today the weather was so mild and beautiful; I had to take advantage.  I sat on the deck in the yard and knit knit knit.  Now both socks are ready for their black short row heel.  I like knitting both socks at about the same time so I know they'll match up and I won't get bored on the second sock.  Sometimes I forget to write down what I did on the first sock so it's helpful to do the same section on the second sock while it's still fresh in my memory.

Not too bad considering I only started 2 days ago.  Usually I'm a slow poke.

My husband has decided that he likes these socks and requested a pair for himself.  The pressure is on!  I've never made socks for anyone else but I guess I can have him try them on as I go.  The good thing about knitting for my husband is he will treasure it always.  Even if it's not made by me!  A friend of mine gave me a bag of hats and scarves that he made but didn't want to keep.  As soon as my husband spotted a multicolored half moon shaped scarf he snatched it up and wore it for the entire winter.  So maybe his pair will be made next.

I actually started and finished a different pair of socks for myself in January but I haven't gotten to take a nice picture of them.  So below is an early process photo but I swear!  They are completely finished!

What is your preferred sock method?  Toe up or top down?  Which heel is your fave?  Favorite yarn to use?  I just love how different everyone makes socks!