Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This Easter I really wanted to make a knitted toy for my new niece.  Searching through my stack of magazines I found the perfect one.  Sitting right there in the upper right corner on the cover of a UK knitting magazine was Miffy, an adorable little bunny.  Apparently Miffy was celebrating her 60th birthday, being created by Dick Bruna in 1955, and Jane Burns created a wonderful knitted version of her for the magazine Let's Knit.  It's the November 2015 issue 99.  There was also an adorable pattern for a cat hat in the mag but I think my cat would claw out my eyes if I made that for him!  Look at those ferocious claws ready to attack!  (But really how cute are those sweet feet!)

Anyway,  this is Miffy.  I knit her using Knit Picks Brava Worsted in white with US 3 dpns.  The pattern called for a finer weight yarn but I really wanted to do some stash busting so I went heavier.  Of course that also made her a bigger doll, but I think still a good size.  The dress is made separately and can easily be removed so you can make several in different colors if desired.  That's what I'm planning on doing at least.  That way when my niece gets a little bit older the bunny clothes can change as she pleases.  This dress was also made using Knit Picks Brava Worsted but in Tranquil.  I really love Brava.  It's a soft acrylic that comes in a variety of beautiful shades and is very affordable.  As for the eyes and nose/mouth, I used left over black sock yarn.  (Again, stash busting.)

I wish I could've gifted my niece a set of Miffy books to go with the doll but they closed my local Barnes & Nobles and now I have no where to get them.  Obviously I can just order them online but I am a last minute kind of girl.  Also, now I have no where to browse through knitting magazines.  I do have subscriptions to certain ones but there are always those certain magazines that you need to look through to see if there are enough patterns you're interested in to warrant a purchase.  There are plenty of bookstores in Manhattan for me to trek to, but just to look through magazines?  I don't know if it's worth the travel when I'm so low on free time to begin with.

As you may have noticed, I mentioned stash busting.  Last week I went through the daunting task of updating my stash spreadsheet.  Yes, I have a spreadsheet.  I have yarn stashed neatly in 6 big boxes, a 3 tiered rolling cart, 4 big bowls and a cake stand, so it can be easy to forget what I have.  So box by box, and bowl by bowl, I sorted and documented my yarn and hit the very large number of 341 and 1/2.  Now maybe that doesn't seem like a lot to some of you (I'm hoping), or maybe your own stash is much much smaller and you think I should be featured on the tv show Hoarders: Buried Alive.  Either way, it's nice to know exactly what I have and it's a wonderful thing to actually see the stash typed out in little grids when I'm interested in starting a new project.  I also now have no where else to hide the yarn so this year will be all about STASH BUSTING!!  I can't say that I won't buy anymore yarn; sometimes you really don't have what you need.  I will, however, be trying with all my might to focus on things to make using what I have already.  Just in case anyone wanted a visual of how I set my spreadsheet up, I took multiple screenshots to show it.  In the quantity column I use a sum formula so it can let me know just how crazy I am.  Now, of course you don't have to keep track of everything.  Some might not want to include the color lot number.  I just figured maybe one day I might need that info, so better safe than sorry.  I guess you could apply this charting to fabric, embroidery thread and what not, to stay organized no matter your craft.

Now that I shared my stash list I guess this holds me accountable.  My goal by the end of this year is to significantly lower the total number of balls I have (and then celebrate by buying more yarn!!!).  So far this year is off to a good start with some of the smaller projects I've made and with the many WIPs I have going at the moment.  If you're curious about those WIPs, check out my Instagram and my Ravelry projects page.

I'm very interested to hear how you all organize your stashes so please leave me a comment below and share your secrets!  There's no judgment here so feel free to let me know your stash total too!  And if you really think Miffy is cute check out the website!  So super cute!!

And finally, as I promised in my last post, here are my finished Diamond Back Socks.  They are inspired by the Diamond Back snakes.  It's still not the best picture but at least they are shown complete!  I really like creating my own designs for socks.  Maybe in the future that's something I would consider doing as far as pattern making, but I hesitate thinking about converting them to different sizes.  One day.


  1. I need a stash spreadsheet! That's such a good idea.

  2. That Miffy is just adorable (as are the little cat feet).
    --also Paula, also a sock addict

    1. Socks are just the perfect on the go project. I never thought I would love them that much. And I love hat it's (almost) instant gratification.

  3. Omg! I'm so going to set up a spreadsheet like that for myself! Although I do think I've probably got far more than I think! Love the miffy too!

    1. it's so hard keeping up with all our yarn! I plan on doing a spreadsheet for my needles and hooks too. Evem though it takes a while to log in all that info, it's so worth it!