New Year, New Yarn

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone's holidays have been amazing. Mine certainly was.  Christmas was filled with family fun and warm cuddly yarn!  I was gifted a very large box from my parents, filled with yarn. It wasn't a surprise. I picked it out myself. Knit Picks got a lot of business from me on Cyber Monday. There sale was so good, I bought myself a nice little supply too!  And how could I pass up their one-day-only sale on City Tweed?

They were $2 a ball and the minimum for free shipping is $50 so, naturally, I bought 25 balls.  I don't believe in paying for shipping. It's such a rip off.  Why pay $10 to ship these goodies when you can spend that money, and an extra 15 bucks, and actually get stuff you can hold in your hands?  Think logically people!  Buy more stuff!  Everybody needs more stuff!  

After Christmas I dumped all my new yarn onto the couch and brought all my stash boxes over.  After about two hours I had managed to organize all my yarn and update my yarn stash spreadsheet. (Yes, a spreadsheet!  I'm very organized!)  My total sum of yarn has reached an all time high. I can't believe I can even fit it in my assigned yarn boxes!  Well, most of it.  The less desirable yarn is in my project rolling cart, waiting to be assigned to a mission. They have been with me for too long and they scream to be used!  So, now for that number.  I have 285 balls of yarn. Now, some of you might be thinking that's insanely too much, but some of you are probably laughing to yourselves because you know your stash numbers are WAY higher than 285!  I like you latter people better.  You justify my stash. 

Now, what do I do with all this yarn?  I thought I had set plans for certain balls but I've changed my mind on most of those projects. Things have to be just right. I don't want to waste my yarn on something I won't wear, or waste a good project on yarn that's not right for it.  It can be really stressful.   I do have a scarf picked out for my incredibly soft Capretta from Knit Picks.  It's the Chevron Shawl from Bernat.  This was the perfect marriage of super soft airy cashmere merino blend with a classic chevron lace.  I'm one yarn ball in to this project and I'm loving it more and more with each row.  It's definitely going to be a while before I get to wear this beauty. 

I already finished a big stash buster. I have quite a bit of Patons Classic Wool. I'm not really a fan of this yarn. I've accidentally felted every project I've knit with it.  So instead of crying over anymore failed attempts, I decided to go with it!  I made something with the intentions to felt.  A basket.  Who doesn't need a felt basket, right?  

I didn't actually felt it yet. Soon.  Very soon.

Another great stash buster? Ok!  How about a chunky cowl?  Everyone loves a chunky cowl! 

It's like a cozy neck brace!  It came in handy this week. With 8 inches of snow on last Friday and today's frigid -8 degrees, it came in good use.  No pattern to follow for this one.  It's a simple seed stitch knit until desired legth and then stitched together with a three needle bind off.  Easy-peasy.  Why am I standing in my kitchen with a cowl on?  Why not!?  Go with it!  

And what about Christmas knitting?  I knit up a Doctor-Who-inspired hat for my niece as a Christmas gift.  Great way to de-stash that Vanna's Glamour yarn! 

It's Tardis blue with sparkly star twinkles and a rose obviously for the Doctor's love, Rose.  I got my husband hooked on Doctor Who and he passed it on to his niece. She's only seen a handful of episodes but she's hooked!  She definitely has good taste.  She even dedicated a craft session to the show.  We each made our own paper Tardis and origami Rose. This is mine:

So much fun!  

I designed my own pair of socks. Did I mention that?  I'm so proud of myself.  One day I will write out the pattern. Until then, check these babies out!

Cozy!  I don't remember the yarn. It was something I had stashed for a long time.  I really enjoyed making them.  Socks are an interesting knit; relatively small and fast, and travels well.  I hope 2014 has a lot of sock knitting in it.  And maybe a sweater.  I really need to just do it already. I don't understand how I coud be knitting for so many years and still have yet to complete a sweater.  I've made attempts but they all ended with tears and lots of frogging.  

Now I will leave you with my awesome Ugly Christmas Sweater from Christmas Eve. It was a sweater my grandmother made a long time ago and embellished with felt, sequins and bows by me.  

Good night folks!


  1. I'm with you with shipping. If I can spend more on yarn and get free shipping, I do it. It might have something to do with why my stash is out of control. :) Congrats on getting a great big box of fun.

    1. Thanks! Any excuse to buy more yarn is good in my book!

  2. Nice project collection! I love knitpicks, they're just awesome :) And I feel the same about shipping... My credit card hates me though. I get into situations kind of like this with Amazon Prime:

    1. I always beat myself up a little after I place an order but it all goes away once that box shows up. Knit Picks is so awesome but I think I'll hold off on buying anything else until next years big sale! That little comic is funny and very me!


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