Lost In Space

Ok.  I fell off the face of the planet for a while.  Now, back to business!

During this 4 month blogging hiatus I actually did knit and embroider a few things.  Of course I don't have photos of them all but that's to be expected of me.  In no particular order, here are a few of my most recent finished projects.

First up, my skull patch.  I drew this pretty baby up and stitched it quickly.  It was the perfect project to carry around and sneak a couple of stitches here and there.

I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet.  I'm sure I'll find a place for it somewhere.

This was the little Fisherman's sweater that I made for my nephew.  Unfortunately, it didn't fit him.  At all.  The sleeves were way too big.  Now that the weather is starting to get a little cooler maybe I'll try it on him again.

Speaking of my little nephew,  here's an action shot of the booties I made him.  They finally fit him.

And also his little hat!  I don't remember if I showed this one and I'm too lazy to look at back posts so here it is!

So that's it for photos for now.  I have two blankets I still have to photograph.  I'm also currently working on a pair of socks.  These are special socks.  These are designed by ME!  I'm very excited about them.  I think I really enjoy sock knitting, which is good considering how much sock yarn I own!  I have lots of ideas for future projects but for now I need sleep.  Good night knit world.  Stitch tight.  Don't let the moths bite.  (See what I did there.......ahhhh??)  


  1. Love, love the skull patch! All your projects look great. :)

  2. Do you do your embroidery by hand? It looks fantastic!


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