Rip Rip Rip.......

The new year has begun and I'm feeling inspired.  Let's get motivated here, people!!!  A fresh start!  WEBS has started a nice feature on their blog called 31 Days to get Organized and I'm ready to follow step by step.  God knows I need the help!  2012 has proved to be fruitless.  I feel like I haven't churned out enough projects and I think my terrible organization skills are to blame.
The first day of this organizational challenge is all about listing the good and the bad; what works for you and what needs improvement.  The things that work for me are my designated craft corner in my apartment, my filing system for my patterns, my inspiration bulletin board, easy access to my desk and printer, and I am a wonderful list maker!  I also organize my yarn in wonderfully large boxes and keep them stored on shelves from IKEA.  And now for the bad.  I have trouble finishing projects.  I'm sure a lot of us crafters have this problem (please tell me I'm not alone!), whether it's getting bored with something or just having the itch to start something fresh.  That leads me to my other problem.  I have too many projects going at one time.  I get distracted easily so having too many things going makes me overwhelmed.  Once I lose interest in a project I might as well frog it because I can never get back that rhythm.  That's also my problem with blogging.  I need to dedicate time working on this or I'll go missing for 3 months again!  Sticking to a schedule has always been a challenge for me in all parts of my life.
The second day of this challenge is going through your WIPs and deciding to keep or frog!  This is a scary task!  The time and emotions that go into making each project can really mess with your head sometimes.  I spent a lot of time on what I thought would be my first completed sweater only to realize today that the fit is all wrong.  In my heart I felt this coming.  This is my third sweater attempt gone wrong.  As sad as it makes me to tear this apart, I know it must be done.  Rip, rip rip........  Now as for my other projects, I have a baby sweater, two embroideries, a summer baby quilt, a baby bib, and a baby hoodie to embellish.  That's enough projects going!  No more!  As far as knitting goes, I think one project is all I can handle at a time.  Sewing projects will probably be handled one at a time as well.  Embroidery seems to be a little easier to pick up randomly.
The third day is an extension on the WIPs. They give great tips on how to handle all those projects and still stay organized.  I really suggest everyone reads those posts.  It is truly valuable information that can help you out!
Day four is about storing your WIPs.  I have my knitting and embroidery in separate project bags.  The sewing projects are just hanging out together but it seems to be ok.  All the filled project bags and sewing are stored in a big blue basin atop a shelf.  This seems to be working for me.  When I'm feeling crafty, down comes the bin.  Then I can decide what type of crafty I'm feeling.  Somedays I feel like knitting, other days can be sewing.  What ever strikes my fancy that day!  I love that all my craftiness seems to be needle related!
If you want to know what day five is then I suggest you click on over to WEBS blog!  Even if you think you have your organizing skills down I think it's a good idea to check out a different take on it.  Maybe you'll find something that could work better than what your doing!  And, gosh darn it, you deserve the best.
Can I just add I totally treated myself to an iPad mini with my Christmas gift cards.  Surprisingly that little device makes me want to blog and get organized!  It also makes me spend ridiculous amounts of money on electronics that I can live with out, but oh well!  It's so damn cute!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a spectacular New Year.  Here's to a brighter year!