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These past few weeks have been dedicated to baby crafting!  It's all about baby! My little nephew should be here any day so I've been frantically stitching away at projects.  This Brooklyn Tweed Shale Baby Blanket took quite a bit of time to complete but it was totally worth it.

It's actually quite big.  It should be perfect when his crib is converted into a toddler bed.  I highly recommend this pattern.  It's beautiful and classic and very easy to stitch up.  The repeats are so easy to remember (and this is coming from someone with a TERRIBLE memory!), so it's perfect for some mindless TV knitting, but there is just enough difficulty to keep it from getting boring.

The scalloped edge and lace detail is pretty but not girly.  I think it is boy or girl appropriate.  This would look good in any color and is beautiful enough to keep and pass down in the family.

I did a couple of fast baby projects as well.  You can't get much easier than decorating a store bought onesie.  I decided to make him some formal attire.  I bought a stack of fun fat quarters from A.C. Moore and picked out a cute red square with little blue asterisks to use as a neck tie and bow tie.

I've been on a huge Doctor Who kick so I snuck in some #11 humor.  My sister might not get the reference but it'll give me a nice chuckle every time I see him decked out in his Who gear.  Besides, bow ties are cool.

I started on the last 3 month sized onesie.  I had this little monkey I drew for my sister's baby shower but never used it.  I thought this would be the perfect way to display it.

Since taking these photos, I've decided to make the eyes tiny so the next photo shot will be a little different.  Hopefully this will be finished before he grows out of it!!  I have 6 month sized onesies sitting around waiting to get embellished but those can sit on the back burner for now.  A bib has been sitting idle for awhile waiting for some trim and velcro as well.  An Auntie's job is never done!

Next post I hope to showcase my very first finished sweater!  It's not actually finished right now but it's soooooo close.  I'm looking forward to Autumn just so I can wear it.  I'm looking forward to Autumn for thousands of reasons but that one is running through my head right now.  It's my favorite season for sure.

Happy crafting!


  1. that little chimpy is adorable!
    you're going to have one fortunate nephew x]


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