Weekend Whirl Wind

What!?  Time is on fast forward!  This entire month flew by so quickly.  My sister's baby is almost done baking.  Only 7 more weeks left!  Or maybe less if he decides to come early.  We had an insane weekend of her wedding and her baby shower that left me with very little time to work on my knitting, crafting and blogging.  

 The wedding turned out beautiful.  My other sister made the dress and it came out perfect.  I'm not much of a seamstress but I'm sure it's not easy making a maternity dress that can fit that ever growing belly.

Me and my sisters.

My duty was gluing ribbon on to the headband to match her pink sash.  Yeah, it took a whopping 5 minutes.  But I also had to style her hair so at least I did something!  I'm a hairstylist so it was expected.

headband shot!

hair shot!

My second duty was the bouquet.  I picked out the three colored flowers and arranged them.  I have no clue what kind of flowers they were but they were beautiful and held up amazingly.  They're still looking good and it's 4 days later!  My other sister tied the pink ribbon around so I can't take credit for that.  

the bouquet

My third duty was centerpieces.  I was searching on Pinterest for the prefect centerpieces and I found this great idea.  Painted mason jars in different shades of pink.  EASY!  I was looking forward to sloshing all that pink paint in the glass jars but my mom got to it first.  They came out lovely and it was really a fast process.  The only regret was that we used a water based paint instead of an oil base.  After a few ours with a couple inches of water for the flowers, the paint started to break up a little.  It wasn't too noticeable but lesson learned.  We used cheap filler babies breath for the larger mason jars and big puffs of hydrangeas for the smaller jars.  

Painted mason jar centerpieces.

Of course the fourth duty was the most important one!  I had the honor of marrying them!  That's right! I got ordained online and registered with the city so it's completely legit.  I actually offered to do it more as a joke but my sister seemed to like the idea more than I expected.  I couldn't say no!  I searched online for ideas for the ceremony and we put together a heart felt ceremony that included readings by my other sister and the groom's sister.  When I actually had to get up there and start the ceremony I was shaking like a leaf!  I was very close to passing out because of my nerves!  That would have been terrible.  Memorable, but terrible!  Luckily no one noticed but the happy couple.  I'm definitely relieved that it's done with and will not be officiating at anymore weddings!

The baby shower was the next day but we were so busy hosting the party that I forgot to take pictures!  Our guests should be sending those soon so I'm really looking forward to those shots.  Especially our poopy game!  We played Guess That Poop!  You take a few diapers and melt chocolate bars in them and your guests have to guess what candy bar is in each diaper.  It was definitely disgusting but a ton of fun.  Hopefully I can share those photos with you soon!!  This weekend turned out great because we all chipped in our time and craftiness.  Even the grooms family joined in!  I have to show off those adorable monkey centerpieces for the shower!

Now it's back to crafting.  I'm so very close to finishing the baby blanket and I'm half way through my sweater.  I'll share more on those soon along with a few other projects I'm working on.  

Happy crafting!!