Baby Bam!

I just wanted to share one of the cute little onesies I embellished for my sister's baby.  

It's an old school batman inspired patch I made from felt and embroidery floss.  It was surprisingly fast to whip this up.  The most time consuming thing was the black piped edging.  It was the first time I've used this kind of finishing stitch.  I think it's called couching.  You take two or more strands of floss and lay them on top of the material.  Then with another strand of floss, stitch those strands in place around the design.

I'm a little nervous how it's going to wash up so I took pictures before.  It should be washed soon.  If the results are good then I'll start on making more fun patches.

Making baby stuff really is a lot of fun.  Everything is just so darn cute and little.  Little also means less time to make which is always a good thing!

Happy crafting!


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