Meet Andy

Hello!  I want to tell you about my new friend, Andy.  A friend of mine introduced us during Christmas and we've become quite close.  I like his little red suspenders.  More importantly, I like how he uses my yarn!   Let me show you!

Here's Andy in his Sunday best!  Actually it's his everyday best.  He has a limited wardrobe.  He seems to like my little clear red crochet hook.  I think red is his favorite color!
This is the acrylic worsted weight yarn he is about to transform into............

THIS!!!  Hunky Chunky Bulky yarn!  And I mean BULKY!  What do I do with this now, you ask?

I'm going to use these ginormous size US 50 needles to knit something fun!


So I'm going to knit a big ol' cowl with this new Hunky Chunky.  Transforming this worsted weight is definitely time consuming but it's sooooo easy!  Great to do in front of the TV.  I knit up about 10 rows to see what it would look like and I love it!  I tore it out before my camera could catch it but once I'm done with Andy it should only take a short time to complete the finished product.  This is a great way to get rid of that cheap acrylic yarn.

So, do you have an Andy in your life?  He's a cheery little chap.  Everyone should have one!  At least to keep on your desk to brighten your day!