Where Has The Time Gone

Is it really February already? Where has this winter gone? After a crazy winter last year, I made sure I was prepared for the same this time around. A new down coat, wool boot liners, heavy wool glove/mittens.......

 Oh! I haven't mention my glove/mittens?  Well, I really thought I might have lost them.  They went missing for almost 2 weeks.  This would have been the second pair that was lost.  The first pair I lost was 2 years ago. I must have had them in my lap in the car and when I got out, they fell to there doom. Alone. In the street. Being trampled on by passing cars and pedestrians. No one to appreciate the half glove accessibility or the pull-over warmth of the mitten top. It's a sad way to go.

Now, as for this new pair, they were wedged in between two boxes.  I'm soooooo happy they decided to show themselves!  I finished them the beginning of January. They're made from a thick black hand spun wool nylon blend. I knit them super tight so a limited amount of cold winter air could get through and freeze my digits.

Now, how about those boot liners? I wish I could say I've gotten a lot of use out of them but there's been no snow! And I want snow! Let me make that very clear. I LOVE snow!! I wore the liners only once and it was totally unnecessary. Maybe we'll have a snowy season in 2013.

They were really easy to knit up.  I used Lions Brand Fisherman's Wool.  I must admit, the increases are extremely messy. I wanted these liners done fast so I inserted increases randomly whenever I felt necessary. They don't line up at all. Oh well! No one is going to see it inside the boot anyway!

What's sitting on my needles now, you ask? SOCKS!! Yes! I've finally bit the bullet and cast on socks. I'm using Patons Stretch Socks yarn in Licorice. The pattern is Mock Cable Socks from Socks From The Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson. So far it's knitting up easily but taking forever! In all honesty, I haven't had much time to work on them lately.

Now some great news!! I'm going to be an Aunt in August! My sister's belly is getting nice and fat. For Christmas I knit her up a pair of white baby booties. I wasn't thrilled with the result. They were a little too big in my opinion but you never know; maybe the baby will have basketball player size feet? I don't have a picture of them but I'll be making more once we find out what she's having. It's too early to see still and the wait is torture!! Once she picks out a theme for the room I'll be able to knit up appropriate toys and blankets. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in a few projects for myself before then.

Now a question for you. Are you a dishcloth knitter? I have a surplus of cotton dying to be used and that seems like a great stash buster project. What I'm wandering is when do you use these little clothes? Washing the dishes? Are they as efficient as a sponge? Or are they strictly for drying dishes? So many questions in my little wrinkly brain!

And has anyone tried punch embroidery? A coworker gave me a generous amount of supplies. I looked at some videos on YouTube and it looks interesting. Just what I need! Another craft to get in to!


  1. I LOVE those boot liners! I've been wanting to knit a set for myself, but haven't gotten around to it. I bet they are super cozy. I've never even heard of punch embroidery... I hope you try it and blog, so I can figure out what it is! :-D

    1. It knits up super fast with the Fishermans Wool. It's like mindless knitting! Gotta love that!


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