Thursday, July 28, 2011

Done and Done!

Hurray!  I finished my first embroidery project!  Not to toot my own horn, but it came out pretty good.

Hey baby!


Puffy eye balls.

After finishing filling in the needles and eyes and nose, I felt it still looked a bit empty though.  So I filled in the skull.  And what was I going to do with this bad guy anyway?  I stitched it on the corner of the white material so I felt like my only option was to turn it into a patch.  So I cut him out.  Then what?  I made a draw string project bag out of green material my sister didn't want anymore.

So here is his debut!

I have a cool pocket inside too!

Handsome, ain't he?

Crooked needles.

Not too shabby!

I was very surprised at how quickly filling in the skull went.  I really thought it was going to be a big ordeal.
Through out this piece something was bothering me about this skull boy.  And then I saw it.  One cheekbone is higher than the other, the nose is too far to the left, and one eye is bigger than the other!


So I redrew him and he's ready to be stitched again.  Crooked guy was given to my friend (who I knew would appreciate it).  And now I have time to finish that navy grocery bag!  Hurrah!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Projects up the wazoo!!

So the bad news is it's been slow at work.  Summers are always like that.  The good news is MORE TIME FOR EMBROIDERY AND KNITTING!!!!!!!!!!  That's right!  Why waste the day away reading the same magazines over and over again when I can stitch the day away?  Yes, I do get funny looks at work sometimes when I whip out my latest project in the lunch room, but I think they're getting used to the idea that some people out there in this big wide world actually like to fill there time with creating awesome stuff by hand.  

One of the WIPs I have going is the Ilene Bag by Hannah Ingalls of  I Knit You Not  blog.  I believe it is a free pdf pattern so check it out!  

Just the handle is left!

It's a great bag for grocery shopping or anything else you need to tote around.  It's super stretchy and can fill a lot of items in it.  The instructions are easy to follow and it's a fast knit.  I used Lily Sugar n Cream cotton yarn in Bright Navy.  3 balls is more than enough.  

Super Stretchy Mesh.

I made one for myself in pink egyptian cotton and another for Sister S (middle sister) in lime green.  This navy beauty is for Sister W (oldest sister).  The great thing about this bag also is that there is no blocking required!  Hurray!  I hate blocking.  That's part of the reason why my finished shawl is still scrunched up on my desk.

The second WIP is this friendly little skull, displayed below, I drew and stitched up.  I'm in the process of filling in the yarn and still have the needles, eyes and nose to do.

He prefers eating yarn rather than human souls

I have a few drawings that I specifically drew up to embroider.  If I get my act together I would love to sell some of these babies as pdf embroidery designs.  I have to figure out all the things involved with that first.  I have an Etsy page but sadly no shop.  One day it will be filled with goodies, but I just don't know when.  Stay tuned!

Remember I mentioned I wanted to embroider a family tree for my dad as a belated present?  Well, I took the first step!  Finally!  I asked him to print up the names that he wanted represented and the genealogy program that he uses put it in a tree-like format for me!  

This saves my brain from trying to think of the proper layout.  It will definitely be a big and lengthy project to accomplish, but it will be much loved when it is finished.

The next post the bag will be done and hopefully the skull will too.  Now I must leave you so that I can make dinner and fill my belly with delicious salad filled with grilled chicken and eggplant and yummy ripe tomatoes from the garden.  Good day to you!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My brain itches.....

There is not enough time in the day.

*Correction:  I waste the day away until there is a few hours left before bed and then I get bombarded with all these creative ideas but can't do any of them because my eye lids are weighing heavier and heavier with each passing minute.

Why does this always happen?  I blame it on the heat of a New York summer.  Icky.  Autumn!  Where are you, my friend?  I need the cool crisp air of the Fall to wake me up.  Coffee isn't doing it for me lately.  I should've taken pictures of my newly finished (but not blocked) shawl and the start of the mesh cotton grocery bag I'm knitting for my sister.  The dishes are forever piling up in the sink and the mountain of laundry is waiting to be ironed.

So let me share with you some of these ideas that are itching my wrinkly little brain.  Father's Day and my dad's birthday came and went and I, the wonderful daughter that I am, got him nothing!  Not purposely though.  I had this idea a while ago to make a family tree embroidery for him.  He is a genealogy nut.  He spends his free time searching old census reports and such, hoping to find another leaf on the tree.  I haven't designed it yet but the idea is there.  I ran it by him already and he seemed enthused.

Today's brain fart of an idea is holiday banners.  I want to make banners for each holiday to hang in my apartment and incorporate my new love of embroidery and cross stitch in to it.  That sounds fun, right?  I would love to make most of my holiday gifts this year too.  Now, I know that a lot of people don't appreciate thoughtful homemade things and thinks they are getting screwed out of a real gift because I didn't shell out major bucks for them.  So, with that said, I need to pick and choose my projects wisely for just those select few who thinks that handmade is the cat's pajamas.  I know, it's only July!  But handmade takes a lot of time and it's never too early to start planning.  I did embroider a tank top for my sister's birthday two weeks ago.  She's obsessed with all things bunny so I embroidered a little purple rabbit in satin stitch on the upper left corner of the tank.  It was my first time stitching on jersey material and I think I did pretty well.  I'll be sure to post pictures soon (as soon as she digs it out of her laundry).

So now it's bedtime.  At least I was able to dish out this little post before I get some shut eye.  Sweet dreams bloggy world!  May you dream of knitting scarves and mittens on a cool October day with a hot chocolate resting on a table next to you.  Well, that's what I'll be dreaming of.