Check and Check.

I've done it!  I've finally done it!  I've finally blocked my Triangle Lace Shawl. I know I posted pictures of the shawl before but, little did you know, it was an unblocked abomination!  So I used my make shift blocking wires that I totally McGyvered and BLAMO!  I got me a perty blocked shawl!

I really need to start taking proper photos.  Like of me wearing the darn thing.  Next time.  I just want to add that plastic T-Pins are totally a waste of space in this universe.  Why are they made?  They're too thick and dull to actually penetrate through a blocking mat or even a towel!  Good thing I bought those metal ones on my last trip to Michaels.  Sharp and pointy.  Oh, and those blocking wires I crafted?  Yeah, they turned out ok.  It's surprisingly hard to get them completely straight.  And my yoga mat was a great idea except it wasn't big enough.  I pinned the bottom half into the rug through a towel.  Next comes my Jared Flood Rock Island Shawl.  I better start clearing out the room for that one.  It is BIG!

My socks are almost done!  Well, they're actually sock liners for my rain boots.  My tootsies were a little cold last winter so I decided to knit up some woolly ones this year.  I'm using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool.  They're kind of chunky but my boots are roomy so it should work out.  Since I'm so painfully close to being done with them, I thought I'd spare you the in-progress pictures.  In fact, I think I'll go finish them right now.  Good day to you.  .................I said GOOD DAY!

No really.  Enjoy the day.  Eat some homemade cookies.  Tis the season for yummy baked goods!