You would think since I dressed up in my costume twice last week I would have a couple of great photos of it.  Nope.  Think again.  I'm such a weenie.  The formal photo shoot is coming Monday.  I did steal this one of me off Facebook though.

Can you believe 2 people thought I was a squirrel?!?!  Hahahaha!  I really thought that was funny.  Since I'm wearing a crown I must be King of The Squirrels!  That's right.  I am royalty.  I guess it was the big fluffy tail.  Anyway, I was extremely comfortable all day and I intend on wearing this around the house during the winter (without the tail and crown, of course).  I'll gladly tell you all the details and dilemmas about the crown when I get those photos up!

Halloween was pretty good this year.  I had the day off so I really got to enjoy it.  As soon as 2 o'clock rolled around I jumped into my costume and scoured my Halloween bin for a costume to share with my Dad so we can festively hand out the candy.  My Mom wasn't feeling the spirit but she sat out for a little while too.  Here he is, in all his clown glory!

I'm sure he's thrilled that I'm sharing this photo with you!  

It was a lot of fun seeing all the kids (and adults!) dressed up.  Sadly we didn't have any candy leftover for me to enjoy but that's ok.  

On a sad note, our family dog, Samantha, is not doing so good these days.  She's a Chow/Sheppard mix and is 15 years old and has terrible arthritis and nerve damage in her spine and back legs.  She's in pain and lost all balance and depth perception.  To top that off, she fell down a flight of stairs about an hour ago.  She's ok, nothing broken.  She's on quite a bit of pain meds already so I doubt she's in much more pain than normal.  She just looked shaken up.  So here is a couple of photos of the Chewie Dog in her glory days:

Feeling lazy after a day at the groomers.  She's so saucy with her kerchief on!
Begging in the ruble that is my apartment when we first started moving in.  (It's all fixed up now, I assure you!)
Checking me out from the deck.

Sammy is a very special dog and I hope she makes it to Christmas.  She's our first puppy.  The house won't feel the same without her.  There's already a void since our first cat, Snowball, died last year.  At least we were lucky to have him for 19 years.  It's so amazing to have the love of a pet.  They add such joy to your life.  It's so heartbreaking to see them suffer.

I hope I didn't depress anyone!  It's a good thing I have my little Forest to get me through.  If you have a pet, give those fur babies a big squeeze!


  1. Oh, my heart goes out to Samantha! She is too beautiful :(

  2. You have my hopes for your dog. I recently lost my dog of 12 years. Very heartbreaking.

    However, you have an epic costume going on there. The best costumes are the ones that are useful for a long time afterward. My wife just reused the first Halloween costume I ever sewed this year.


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