Broken Bones and McGyver Ideas

Oh lordy am I behind!  I don't know where November went but it's gone!  I love this time of year and I hate this time of year.  Obviously the best part is the holiday celebrations and great food with people that you hopefully get along with.  The sucky part is all the holiday pressure weighing on your back and days going by in a blink.  Not to mention your accident-prone mother falling off a ladder while trying to trim the apple tree with your father despite the fact that they have 3 daughters and 2 son-in-laws in the house who would jump at the opportunity to use a long branch cutter thingy.  She broke here wrist.  In three places.  And bruised her lower back.  Poor momma.  At least it was after Thanksgiving.  2 days after.  People, I am all for being independent and doing things yourself, but please be honest with yourself.  63 is not the new 20.  Now, i know 63 is not old.  It's not.  But if you have younger people close to you that you can boss around to do the job, please do so.  Sit back, sip your lemonade, and enjoy watching us do all the work.  You deserve it.  Hopefully she won't need surgery.  They popped that sucker in place and so far it's looking good, but she still has to go to a specialist to get the real deal.

Now, the exciting news!  I have an idea!  I never blocked that perty green shawl with the beadwork.  Seriously, it's been sitting on my table since the summer unblocked and yarn ends hanging all over the place.  I don't have blocking wires or a blocking mat.  I'd rather not spend the money right not either.  Then it hit!  My yoga mat that has been sitting in a corner for years!  Yes!!!  The perfect blocking mat replacement!  It's thick, water-resistant, and pretty big.  Shawl big?  We'll see.  Now for the blocking wires.  I was told a wire hanger would be too thick but it just so happens I have a ton of thin gauged wire from a jewelry tree I made my sister for Christmas a few years ago.  It might do the trick.  Wish me luck.  This might end up being a total waste of my time, or I might be the next McGyver!  Fingers crossed for McGyver!

I'm also painfully close to completing my Jared Flood Rock Island Shawl.  It looks so pretty!!!!!!  I have no pictures to share of the progress but really, I'm almost done with it.  Wouldn't you rather just see it finished?  I know I do.  Maybe that yoga mat will be big enough to block this baby too.  I'm really enjoying lace knitting.  I love how delicate it is and even non-knitters can appreciate the beauty and detail of it.  Have you ever knit something that you were really proud of and a non-knitter will just be like, "Oh, that's nice."  Nice??!?!?!!  THAT TOOK ME 3 WEEKS TO KNIT AND 2 FROGGINGS TO GET IT RIGHT!!!!  CAN'T YOU SEE THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS IN EVERY STITCH???!?!?!  Ugh.

My next knitting project will definitely have to be socks.  I have never knit socks.  Shocker!  Actually it's not that shocking if you know me.  I've been knitting for years and I have never knit socks or finish a sweater.  i was close with the sweater.  I was all done except for the sewing.  Apparently sewing in sleeves is the bane of my existence.  Hello top down sweaters!!  I'm coming for you soon!

On a side note, is anyone watching Big Bang Theory?  I just started watching since its in syndication on TBS.  I LOVE IT!  And I'm trying to get into Dr. Who since I can stream it on Netflix.  It's growing on me.  Knitting and Netflix are like 2 peas in my pod.  I just wish their streaming library would be bigger.  I guess they do that so you are forced to spend more money on getting mailed DVDs.  I refuse.  Sadly that means no Big Bang Theory marathons since it's DVD only.  BOOOOOOO!!  But TBS runs them like 3 hours at a time so I get to have mini marathons.  Hurray!

Enough typing, more knitting!  Hope your Thanksgiving was accident free!  And thank you for all the sweet words for my doggy.  She's still hanging in there.


  1. Lol, I've never made socks or finished a sweater either. The only sweater I ever did had a big mistake that took ages to fix, so I never really got around to adding a collar, and now the neck is all wide and the sweater looks like it's trying to be off the shoulder sexy (but isn't really). Good luck on the McGyver blocking!

  2. I'm all for anything MacGyver-ish, and your idea sounds brilliant. Also, those two shows are excellent and I recommend them both highly.

  3. Ooh, good luck on the socks. I haven't made socks yet either but I'm hoping to try soon after the holidays!


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