Panic And The Clean.

I haven't finished anything just yet.  You would think with all that free time during hurricane Irene I would've gotten more things done.  Truth be told, I almost crapped my pants out of nervousness.  I couldn't sit down and knit!  I had to clean!  Clean, you ask?  Yes, clean!  Apparently, when I'm terrified I need to scrub pots and pans and a dirty toilet!  It must be clean for Irene's arrival!  New York shuts down and I get the urge to dust and organize.  I made my Go Bags and folded laundry all while watching the Weather Channel for hours and hours.  Thankfully, we had zero damage.  The lights stayed on and there was no flooding in my basement apartment.  We did lose a bunch of apples off our apple tree in the yard, but they're rotten anyhow.  Considering how devastating Irene was for others like in New Jersey and Vermont, I am a very lucky little lady.  And I got a clean apartment out of it!
So here are some things that are in the works:

This is the Jared Flood Rock Island Shawl that I restarted.  The first attempt was an epic fail.  Weird mistakes that I some how made.  So I ripped out that sucker and started fresh!

In all its newborn glory!

Uh oh!  Forest found it!

Oooohhhh.........  This yarn is so soft......

Next up, embroidery!  I drew out this little tree flailing in the winds (of hurricane Irene maybe?).  I chose this blue material with little stars adorning it from my mom's stash.  I'm only using black DMC floss so it's more of a silhouette.

Starry Night.
I hope everyone else is ok on the East Coast!  Does anyone else clean out of nervousness or am I the lone weirdo?  Happy Stitching!!


  1. Jared Flood is a very gifted youngman. I met him at a book signing at my LYS on September 13th 2009. You can look it up on my blog on that date.
    That shawl is amazing and I can't wait to see it done.
    Your Embroidery is so beautiful!

  2. Thank you! I'm going to check out that post now!


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